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tfykh@fy.chalmers.se (Kenneth Holmlund) writes:

>In their effort to convince me they told me that Albert Einstein was one >of the very first scientologists and they even had a picture of him in one >of their brouchures.

Since Einstein died in 1955, and the word Scientology dates from 1952, it's barely possible. However, I am certain that they are as wrong as the Velikovsky-ites, who also claim Einstein.

Which brings up the subject of brains. Supposedly, being "clear" makes people better at intellectual pursuits. This has been specifically stated, several times, here on this newsgroup. The examples given always seem to include chess playing. When given famous names, however, we get John Travolta. Can anyone name a chess Master or Grandmaster who is a church member? Or a famous (live) scientist? If not, is there a reason? -- Don D.C.Lindsay Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute

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