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In article <18713@scorn.sco.COM>, jondr@sco.COM (Dances With Voles) writes:

> No one yet knows why dhelrod@nruris.dec.com (David H.Elrod) said: > >I wonder where? The Key to Life course costs about $6000 - $8000 + roughly > >$1000 for books. The course seems to take about 4-6 weeks full time > >(~60 hours/week) or 6-9 months going a couple of nights and both weekend days. > > He's doing it at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. We read the flyer > when it came in the mail and I'm really mad that I didn't save it because it > would answer this once and for all. Anyway, it said something like "the > price is only $1000 per hour of auditing!" But somewhere in a little > footnote it mentioned that you had to do at least 24 hours of auditing to > have any degree of success.

Wow, I just called a friend who did the Key To Life course at Flag last year. He said that including materials he paid less than $8,000. He went on to say that if he were to do it again he would gladly pay twice that. (Please note that having done the course it is unlikely he will ever have to do it again).

I too wish you had kept the flyer, because the stuff that I have read and the friends I have who have been to Flag didn't pay anywhere near that much money.

David H. Elrod

Please send email to: dhelrod@btr.com I'm just a contractor here...

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