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In article <SCHLI.91Jul30165518@ringebu.cs.tu-berlin.de> schli@cs.tu-berlin.de (Wolfram Schlickenrieder) writes:

There are 'classes' held by (presumably) scientologists, of which the attendants are made to believe that they will be (sort of) trained (in whatsoever subject and/or (mental?) abilities), which cost as much as 150.000$ (the one I herad of is 265.000 german marks).

Please confirm. If so, then please -if anyone dares- explain why.

as to the cost, i believe it. my (soon to be ex) husband was in scientology in the early 80's in FL. while going through stuff in the process of moving out i came across the bill from scientology detailing the charges he incurred (not counting auditing of course), the charges came to several thousand dollars, and included charges for training him how to do his job. this was after they took out his pay for ~2 years (i'm not sure exactly since i didn't know him then) which totalled about $2K. these were for some of the lower level classes. from conversations i have gathered that he had yet to reach the level of clear.

i would not attempt to come up with explainations myself, but i have read a few.... "What is Scientology?" makes excuses as to how any church is going to charge you 10% of your income to worship, and why shouldn't they. i have also seen sources which go on to say how you are getting so much for this little amount of money that you are actually robbing the church....

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