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> I agree that the E-meter does have a high price-tag. By the > same token, I've heard of people paying exhorbitant sums to their > clergy for such "simple" things as wedding, baptism, funeral, > briss, and other such religious ceremonies. Why is there such a > high price on these things? >

As I've always understood it, the reason for the high price on weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc., was because of the MATERIALS involved, not any special donation to the church. Decorating the church, catering, clothing, etc., these are all materials that possess the same costs when applied outside of the church. E-meters, on the other hand, cost $1000+ when inside Scientology, and I suspect that a similar model also based on the Wheatstone bridge could be created outside Scientology for about $50-$100 *maximum*.

what church charges for baptisms?

as for weddings the biggest charges are for the catering and such, but i believe the original poster mentioned clergy (which in my mind at least means the actual minister/whatever). to the best of my knowledge no clergy actually charges for their service at such events. it is however advised that one should give something. churches do sometimes charge a 'rental' fee, but often that is only to non-members.

i couldn't give any information on funerals, or brisses though...

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