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In article <CHRISTIR.91Aug3211923@mentor.cc.purdue.edu> christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu writes: > > > In article <1991Jul24.233541.27713@math.ufl.edu>, sgc@math.ufl.edu (Scott G. Chastain) writes: > > I would like to make a few comments but let me say at the onset to avoid > > obvious flames that:1) I have read Dianetics, 2) I have read and used > > Self Analysis, and 3) I have an open mind and would like to discuss > > the issue in a reasonable way. > > > > >but hubbard said he wasn't interested in open minds..... > >"When somebody enrolls, consider that he or she has joined up for the >duration of the universe. Never permit an 'open-minded' approach." > >c. > > >--

Im curious. What is the role of Ron Hubbard in the view of the church?

Is Ron o The Pope of Scientology? o The Jesus Christ of Scientology? o The Buddah of Scientology? o The Mohammad of Scientology? o The Haille Selasse (Please forgive the spelling) of Scientology? o The Moses of Scientology? o The Shiva of Scientology? o The Ra of Scientology? o The Asimov of Scientology? o The Mao of Scientology? o The Khomeni of Scientology?

In a country where our elected leader was a second rate movie actor who believed trees caused pollution, we shouldnt be shocked that a science fiction writer can found a successful religion. Every religion gets started by someone who at the time is a contemporary.


In the immortal words of MY hero -- "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Flame away. I cant take it anymore.

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