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Subject: A Call to True Scientologists
Summary: Reply if you think you're good
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Date: 7 Aug 91 00:42:59 GMT
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As far as I can tell this is a new newsgroup on the net I frequent. Forgive me if I am in error on that assumption. But be that as it may I can never let a discussion about scientology slip through my fingers. This whole scientology cult has me fascinated. It is not so much the facts about the cult itself that pique my interest but the attitudes of the people involved. In other organized religions one generally sees the occasional worshipers, the devout majority and finally the zealots who generally give the whole religion a bad name. Interestingly the church of scientology consists of a near total concensus of zealots giving the entire cult a bad name when viewed from without. The only exceptions to this rule seems to be the neophyte fringe who are balancing between believing and not believing or the fortunate few who get out before they pass the point of no return or insolvency whichever comes first. I speak from experience as I was employed by a man who was entirely devoted to the thoughts and ideals of the cults creator ,L. Ron Hubbard.His business was quite lucrative as his sort generally come because he practiced the cult's business management methods. This might beviewed by some as a perfect example of the power of scientology but as an insider I saw how many people he bold-faced lied to in order to get their business. His business was the chiropractic and his justification was that these people needed help with their backs and he was going to give them this help whether they wanted it or not. He was in effect, "saving themselves from themselves" and that is a direct quote (one of many). When he found out I no longer would play his charaded he relegated me to menial tasks in order that I might quit. Cheifly the real reason I began this monologue was to hear from the true believers. I want to hear their justifications of this wretched cult. I must warn those who reply, I am trained in L. Ronny's methods and can "handle" arguements with the best of them. I wish any takers luck in trying to out handle this preclear.

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