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In article <1991Aug5.224159.12350@cadence.com> jdm@cadence.com (Joe Mastroianni) writes: >Im curious. What is the role of Ron Hubbard in the view of the church? > > Is Ron ... > o The Jesus Christ of Scientology? .... > o The Mohammad of Scientology? ... > o The Moses of Scientology? ... > o The Asimov of Scientology? ... To the best of my understanding, the ones I've left... :-)

> In a country where our elected leader was a second rate movie actor who >believed trees caused pollution, >we shouldnt be shocked that a science fiction writer can found a >successful religion. Every religion gets started by someone who at the >time is a contemporary. --Elizabeth Disclaimer: I am but human, not even Clear, my Word is not All, and my sense of humor is as warped as the next fan's. :-)

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