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In article <1991Aug6.094638.32556@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu> mauler@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes: [much stuff deleted...] >In terms of avoiding physical and emotional religious intolerance, from whom do >I have to worry about attacks? The ones who believe in open-mindedness, or the >ones who sell and direct the "Word Of God"? > >Again with Scientology: From whom do I need to expect attacks? The devout >followers of Scientology, the "Church"; or the followers of Scientology, the >belief? > >It is the people in each religion who express "one way to the Truth" that scare >me the most. Scientology seems to have more than its fair share of these >people... Oh, I don't know about that... You should see the teen-fundies who hang out at the exit for the Univ. of Tx. at Austin's Adds & Drops. But I will admit that a (perhaps *ANY*) religion that is fairly "new," will A) attract a lot of converts for whom it fills a need, and B) get a lot of people in that batch of converts who feel they need to PROVE they were right to convert -- by making YOU see how great it is. There aren't enough people (like me) who have grown up in the religion and/or feel that we have no need to prove our choice was Right. Now, I'll correct any mis-information I can find to the best of my ability (hearing "lies" about your world view hurts), but I don't care what anybody else chooses for this lifetime. I'll raise my kids (when I have 'em) in my world-view, but if I do it right, they'll be able to choose what Way they want to follow. And if it's Fundie-Xianity, well, better luck next time. :-/ (And if I ever "back-slide," I'll have the Net to keep me from being a hypocrite.)

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