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Subject: How do we know that "orgs" are the way to go (was Re: FREE SPIRIT MAGAZINE)
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Keywords: Sorry guys, but you *ain't* Scientology.
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Elizabeth.Mccoy@bbs.oit.unc.edu (Elizabeth Mccoy) writes:

>If you're interested in Scientology, go to a real <tm> org first and ask >about the original stuff first.

How do we ignorant out here know which group is more or less bogus?

I've heard many horror stories regarding how the Church of Sci will "attack" those who "leave the folds", and I understand it is their policy to attack to "utterly destroy" these people who are declared "suppressive"....none of these are my own words although they are paraphrases.

Now, I'd be skeptical if this was an isolated person.=20No...I can cite at least 15 people from different areas of the country and different walks of life who have said the same thing.

Personally, these "squirrels" seem to be much smaller (and hence much safer) places to go to get this information (whatever it is).

There's also this code that says "Never be afraid to hurt someone in a just cause". Care to explain this?

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