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Hi! My name is Hank Levin. I'm a professional auditor, working independently of the Church of Scientology. I have a message for anyone who has left that organization and feels that they must now either find an alternate way up the "bridge" or abandon the most meaningful path to personal evolution they have ever found.

Have you given up, for technical or financial reasons, your hope of getting your difficulties handled through auditing? If so, let's examine some important realities.

As we all know, the "gradients of release" from one's case are meticulously laid out in a sequence of increasing complexity known as the "Levels." or "Grades." This impressive technology runs from rehabilitation of recall (ARC Straightwire) and remedy of effects of traumatic incidents (Dianetics) up through an impressive list of "regained abilities" and on up to serious implants (the "R-6 Bank") and eventually dealing with entity influence (NOTS) and patterns of identity/goal/opposition known as GPMs.

When a person signs up to partake of this impressive technology to apply it to himself, he is motivated (initially) by an intense desire to remedy some issue in his life which has been in place for a very long time. It may be a physical condition, or an inability which he recognizes as important to handle. The accepted concept and accompanying indoctrination convince him that going through the "grades" will sooner or later handle his condition. If the condition is of an extreme or acute nature that might distract him from the "standard" sequence, it may be superficially "repaired" to the point that he is willing to put it aside for the time being and commence the sequence of "grades," which should eventually get around to handling his original issue. And often it works just that way.

Many of us, however, have had the experience that it DIDN'T work that way for us. We held on, paying enormous sums or contributing years of service in exchange for what was promised but never delivered. Indeed, we achieved many OTHER gains which could not be discounted, and these gains gave us the incentive to go on hoping. Typically, this went on until frustrations with either astronomical prices or organizational upsets drove us to let go of our goal. So we dropped out disillusioned, still suspecting that somewhere in this technology might be the answer to our prayerQbut finally giving up hope in favor of getting on with our lives.

Sound familiar?

My friend, there is another way. THE THINGS YOU ORIGINALLY CAME TO HANDLE ARE THE KEY TO YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT! There is a sanctity to a person's own issues that he or she is dealing with from day to day, hour to hour. This is HIS learning, his path. If each of these issues were addressed WITH THE FULL ARSENAL OF RESOURCES IN THE SCIENTOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY, they would not only be resolved in themselves, but the wisdom of ALL THE LEVELS would be eventually accrued by yourself. And this would happen FAR MORE QUICKLY than if you had put your issues aside to handle the "regained abilities" on a dissociated basis as is done in the "Grades"!

Does this mean that the "highest levels" of the techQlike entity and "cluster" handling and GPMs could be employed to deal with personal difficulties on a beginning level? AbsolutelyQWITHIN EACH INDIVIDUAL'S CAPACITY TO UTILIZE THEM. Different people come in with different realities about time, space and beingness. The technology is expansive enough to accommodate virtually any reality and deliver an effective result far beyond any alternative!.

You see, the "Levels" are an effective way of organizing the materials for training purposes. And they have certainly been used as a powerful MARKETING tool, driving us to pay more and more for ever more sophisticated resources to handle what never got handled. But in our experience this system does a grave injustice to the astounding capacity of the tech to not only help a person deal with his own issues, but to evolve as rapidly as possible ALONG HIS OWN PATH!

If you like what you have read so far, please give me a call at 707 577-8208 (ask for Hank Levin), or leave EMAIL. I'd be happy to discuss with you in more detail what we do here and how we can help you get where you want to be. My guess is that if you've come this far, you're closer than you think!


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