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christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu (Christi) writes:

>In article <86269@eerie.acsu.Buffalo.EDU> v026ltr5@ubvmsd.cc.buffalo.edu (Matthew P Mason) writes:

> Deep down, I'm hoping all of this is one big joke. Are > there people out there who actually take this stuff > seriously? Do people really believe in Scientology? [etc] >one proof of the fact that people take this seriously is the cost >people spend on it. people have gone into great debts, taken out >mortgages on their houses, etc, just to be in scientology. people >have lost family for scientology. would you pay this sort of price if >you did not truly believe?

P.T. Barnum had something to say about that... Jimmy Baker et al would probably agree, if you ever got a word of truth out of 'em. Anyways, there are also allegations of blackmail and harassment, esp. of celebrities.. Still, there are still plenty of fools with money. But hey, its THEIR money and they seem to get what they think they paid for, so who am I to complain? Hell, I spend way too much money on bikes and computers. Is that any different? And what's a few annoying relatives between friends? -- nyet@cobalt.cco.caltech.edu nyet@aerospace.aero.org

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