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Jim, Steve, and Elizabeth have evidently overlooked the following passage in L. Ron Hubbard's book _Scientology: A New Slant on Life_ (1965), Chapter 9 "A Woman's Creativity", page 52 in my copy:

[quote deleted for space consideration]

apparantly they also missed a bit in Dianetics (the book, not the movement)....

from everything i've read hubbard slights women quite a bit....

paulette cooper (her reference is Dianetics)

"[women] were usually giving their unborn children engrams with AA (Attempted Abortions). Hubbard wrote that "twenty or thirty abortion attempts are not uncommon in the aberee"...."

cooper goes on to tell about a man who had a number of engrams due to the 76 times his mather had intercourse (not all with his father), and quite a number of AA's. hubbard describes this as a case containing 'the usual problems'.

from what i can tell, not only from cooper's book, but also from other sources, hubbard portrays women as sluts, adulterers, and uncaring bitches that don't care at all about their offspring.

someone want to explain how it's not sexist to portray all women as being this way?

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