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And what is *right* with the sales tax is:

1) It is simpler to collect. Can you imagine how many hours are wasted by hundreds of Americans doing their taxes each year? If we abolished the income tax, we could save all that time, and reduce the number of IRS auditors and the power of the IRS accordingly. Wonderful!

well, maybe... it's either simpler to collect (everyone gets taxed the same way. you buy $100 worth of goods you pay $10 in taxes) and makes it harder for the poor to aquire large items (houses, cars, etc.), or it's harder to collect, and still isn't fair.

2) The progressive income tax discourages people from making money, by reducing the link between how productive you are and how much take-home pay you end up with. This is bad for the economy as a whole, including the poor.

faulty logic. the progressive income tax does not discourage people from making money, but rather distributes the tax to those who can handle it. i have yet to pay more than a small amount in income tax. the percentage rate does not jump until you are making enough money to not only support your family comfortably, but also have luxuries far beyond the reach of the average middle class family.

the flat rate tax that appears to be proposed would discourage poor people from owning anything. from what i've seen money is not what mattters in life so much, but rather a feeling that one owns something.

also, you make the assumption that the only reason that people are poor is because they don't try hard enough, or they are discouraged from making money. this is incorrect. well, unless you consider working multiple jobs to pay rent not working hard enough.

this reminds me of an arrogant attitude someone i knew had.... wonder where it comes from.... :-)/2

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