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>open-minded : aj : receptive of arguements or ideas : UNPREJUDICED. >(unscrupulously stolen from webster) Sounds like a good definition<sp?> to me.

>funny how the great mr. hubbard finds it necessary to redefine the >word 'open-minded'. how many other words has the great savior of man >redefined? Oh, *gobs*... :-) I suspect that in whatever place he wrote this dislike of "open-minded," he was compressing "Those people who say they are 'open-minded' but who are really fickle and will be gone in the next week." I wish I had access to my mom's library of Sci material, so I could look up the referance and determine what's really going on rather than having to rely on what others say.

>btw: why is scientology unwilling to accept those into its folds who >are not interested in spending their life savings? i would think that >a person in real life (tm) would be more effective in showing what a >religion was all about (the good points etc...) than someone who only >deals with people of his own religion... Oh, from all the flyers & all that my family got (& still gets), I'd say that they're not really that picky about funding-potential. Though the flyers did often suggest that we buy something.... I, personally, think that one can be a perfectlly offical and accepted Scientologist without paying one's life savings, so long as one is an unofficial "good PR" person. That's what I'm trying to do.

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