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eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes:

>In article <1991Aug06.143519.7140@kub.nl> kolb@kub.nl (Hans-Peter Kolb) writes: >> >>Here in Europe the Scientology "Church" is considered a dangerous >>sect using brain-wash methods to gain power over people on the basis 100% rig (disregard the machin, I'm writing from Ita Italy) this is not only the "general" opinion, but that of the jud7icial authorithy as well as Scientology has been tried for fraud coercition kidnapping etc.

>Allegations like this are best made as specific assertions provided >with substantiation, rather than hiding behind a cloak of "everyone" >in Europe.

How about the FACTS reported in arecent TIME magazine cover article titled "The Cult of Greed" (an american magazine, you ow) A as I just reported about Xd}Italy... >Several countries in Europe, Germany and Italy that I can remember,


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