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>The book "Brain-washing" was published by the church to warn people >of the dangers of that activity. Scientology is not interested in >"power over people"; but rather in providing people with the power to >use their own intelligence in the solution of the problems of life.

"Brainwashing" was, as i recall from my reading, written by LRH.

to the best of my knowledge there is no actual proof of this... although there is much speculation.

from what i've read, the book does have a number of similarities to hubbard's own style. i have also read quotes from people who say they talked to him and he came up with this idea, then ran off and wrote the book... i'm not sure how reliable those quotes are...

refer to _scandal of scientology_, and _messiah or madman_ (?) (the one by bent corydon (sp?) and de wolfe)



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