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the following are some descriptions of behaviour i have observed in one or more scientologists. i'm wondering if someone could tell me if this is related to scientology...

i would prefer to see posted responses from people in scientology, former scientologists, or friends/family of scientologists who may have observed (or not) similar behaviour. i would be happy to respond to others in private email, but i do not see how people not directly related to scientology could help any public discussion.

1) not responding to someone who is arguing with you. (example: husband and wife have a fight... the wife (a scientologist) does not argue, but simply sits and waits for the husband to finish)

2) an idea that if you have a problem it's your fault. (example: you do not like your job, therefore you do not understand your job)

3) an idea that if two people can't resolve a problem then someone else must be at fault (example: boy and girl get into a fight, and can't resolve it. boy decides that it must be because the girl's father hates him.)

4) a belief all that it takes to change a bad situation is for it to change (example: the schools are bad around here. stop teaching that way and=20use scientology methods)

5) when talking to someone, if they say something you don't agree with simply respond with something like "ok" (example: father doesn't want son to move in with a girl. when father tells his son this son responds with "ok". son moves in with girl anyway.)

6) a tendency to use words in ways other than standard definitions.

7) a tendency to deny what someone has read because they might not have understood everything. (example: someone reads something in HCOB. scientologist claims their conclusions don't mean anything because they may not have understood what pc means)

8) refusal to explain something in scientology because there would be too many words that the other person would not understand.

9) a tendency to attribute anything bad about scientology to someone being against scientology (i.e. non-scientologist reads an article in people magazine about scientology. scientologist claims that the press is against scientology, therefore none of it should be believed)

10) a tendency to attack those who speak negatively about scientology (i.e. non-scientologist quotes flynn on something. scientologist goes into a tirade about how flynn is just out to make money on ex-scientologists)

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