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Date: 13 Aug 91 06:18:55 GMT
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In article <15238@goofy.Apple.COM> ksand@apple.com (Kent Sandvik) writes: |In article <14161@pt.cs.cmu.edu>, lindsay+@cs.cmu.edu (Donald Lindsay) writes: |> tfykh@fy.chalmers.se (Kenneth Holmlund) writes: |> >In their effort to convince me they told me that Albert Einstein was one |> >of the very first scientologists and they even had a picture of him in one |> >of their brouchures. |> |> Since Einstein died in 1955, and the word Scientology dates from |> 1952, it's barely possible. However, I am certain that they are as |> wrong as the Velikovsky-ites, who also claim Einstein. |> |> Which brings up the subject of brains. Supposedly, being "clear" |> makes people better at intellectual pursuits. This has been |> specifically stated, several times, here on this newsgroup. The |> examples given always seem to include chess playing. When given |> famous names, however, we get John Travolta. Can anyone name a chess |> Master or Grandmaster who is a church member? Or a famous (live) |> scientist? If not, is there a reason? | |Yes, I start to remember a certain Scientology campaign in Australia, |where they promised to boost the IQ quite considerably - which |I find questionable because nobody has really defined the ultimate |intelligence scale for a human mind so far (I guess my IQ is below 100, but |at least I'm able to put on my own clothes).

After applying an E-meter to my penis for several months, I discovered that it has become extremely proficient at chess, and is now a Grand Master. Bait for this exercise was obtained at Connie's.

Send $10 for details.

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