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In article <CHRISTIR.91Aug10155940@mentor.cc.purdue.edu> christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu writes: >-- >>This also addresses the price issue. Only those who are serious about >>reaching the upper levels and becoming a skilled auditor are willing >>to pay the price in terms of time and money. The church would rather >>not waste time on those who are "here today and gone tomorrow". Sorry >>if it's affending to some but that's the way it's got to be. >-- > >if we take and reword this a bit we get "the church would rather not >wast time on those who are not willing to pay the price in terms of >time and money".... a) only those who are serious will pay large >amounts of money (stated) b) the church would rather spend time only >with the 'serious' (implied) c) the church would rather spend time >only with those willing to pay money (conclusion). faulty logic?

Yes faulty logic. The Church wants people who intend to finish what they start and the high price of time and money weeds out the "hobbiest". If the Church just wanted money they would charge less and get more students and then not worry if they never came back. That technique is easy to see at your local health spa (or maybe even college). Many recruits, few completions, mucho bucks.

>if the church is not worried about fund raising, why don't they give >the courses free to the interested, rather than the rich who are >willing to pay?

Any institution needs money to operate so of course they are going to be "worried" about fund raising. Why is it your University doesn't bring in homeless people, put them up in the dorms and educate them to get better employment. You can't expect any organization to do that to any great extent and stay solvent. I'm not talking about grants, scholarships etc.

By the way, most Scientologists are not rich. We work for a living. How about you or are you still living off of daddy?

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