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By only collecting taxes from businesses rather than individuals, the IRS's job would be reduced by one or two orders of magnitude! Because (1) there aren't as many businesses as individuals, and (2) businesses have accountants and bookkeepers and can be expected to keep track of everything.

well... yes, and no. i'm not sure how many businesses there are, but there are some people who own more than one business... (i at one time ran two small businesses).

as to the other point, not necessarily. mom and pop grocery down on the corner are not going to hire an accountant or a bookkeeper because they don't make enough money to pay one. i certainly did not hire anyone in my businesses... i would have lost what little income i did have.

if you are going to argue people who do the job, what about the fact that you have lots of businesses willing to do tax returns for people. hell, give me some money and i'll fill out any simple tax form (and most people do fill out the simple forms 1040EZ, 1040A). it doesn't take *that* much intelligence to fill out a 1040EZ. hell, filling out your name and address is about half the job...

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