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In article <1991Aug21.144850.9141@hellgate.utah.edu>, sgandy%peruvian.utah.edu@cs.utah.edu (Sildem Gandy) writes:

>Clearly you haven't read much of LRH's work yourself, else you would >know, or at least be familiar with that fact that he says right in >the beginning of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health that >much of what he was writing was discovered by others and that he was >consolidating it and putting it into a workable form.

Of course, Hubbard later said that he is the sole source of the "tech," and discredits any contribution by any other source whatsoever.

>Of course, Mayo et al did alter what he wrote and made quite a mess >of things. You should be aware that Mayo was put out of business >primarily for copyright violations.

David Mayo did not foresee being backstabbed by Miscaviage and friends. LRH even went so far as to, at one point, declare Mayo the "keeper of the Tech". Mayo, not realizing that Scientology intended to throw him away, was more than willing to allow it to appear that Hubbard wrote the material that he in fact wrote, for the good of the Church. It is unfortunate that the Church chooses to reward its humble servants so.

As regards copyright violations, Scientology used their ill-gotten copyright as a means to unethically squash a competitor, along with rather dubious use of "trade secret" laws.

>If he actually wrote the materials that he was using he would have >had no problem.

He wrote them, but was not allowed to claim them as his own.


Yes, this I believe. Scientology succeeds very well in its primary goal: to make LRH (or, now, David Miscaviage and company) very very rich.

>Sildem Gandy (sgandy@peruvian.utah.edu)

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