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In article <19188@scorn.sco.COM> jondr@fscott.UUCP (Dances With Voles) writes:

>If you feel that LRH has helped your life, then that's just great, >but spare an hour or two to think about the lives that he has >destroyed beyond repair, sometimes accidentally, often >deliberately. Do you really want to associate with that class of >person? >

I don't know of anyone who has been harmed by LRH, but I know personally hundreds of people who have received Dianetics and Scientology counselling who have rave reviews of it. I am also a trained New Era Dianetics Counselor and I know how effective it is.

gee you don't know of anyone harmed by lrh? does that also include indirectly harmed by lrh, or by scientology, etc?

if so, then congratulate yourself. you are reading an article by one person harmed by scientology. i can also point to sources of many others harmed by scientology or hubbard.

or do you call throwing someone who can't swim into the ocean?

or encouraging someone not to get medical treatment that would save their lives?

or encouraging the break up of marriages/families, etc?



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