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>Exactly what legitimate purpose do snide comments like this have? I >come on here and tried to discuss my side of Scientology, and what I >have experienced, and really, about 85% of the posts are of this >tone! What are you trying to prove? That you're more venemous? You >win that contest by far.

>Really, is this your idea of a debate? If it is, why should we take >you seriously?

You probably don't realize it, having been so thoroughly isolated from the public by the Church, but the general public impression of Scientology is that it is a bunch of crazy crackpots who believe in a story which borders on the ludicrous and could well be sold as a cheap sci-fi thriller (in fact, LRH once made a movie which had strong similiarities to the events put forth in the OT3 materials, although he never released it; it wasn't good enough for him). Very few people outside the Church take Scientology seriously.

I suspect that most of the people posting here fall into one of four classes:

1. Active Scientologists 2. Non-active Scientologists (persons who are not currently active in Scientology, but would like to be) 3. Persons who practice Dianetics outside of Scientology (what a Scientologist would refer to as a "squirrel", if I understand the terminology correctly). 4. Persons who have been harmed in some way by Scientology.

Now, obviously there is little love lost between the first and third classes or the first and fourth classes.

A fifth group would be people who have encountered Scientology in some way but have not had any direct experience with it. -- It's because you...piss...me...off. -- Russ Smith, in rec.games.mud, said to Bruce Woodcock

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