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No one yet knows why ssurawls@rosemary.cs.reading.ac.uk (Ian Rawlings) said: >Not being a relegious person at all, I am just being >curious. If anyone out there would like to put my mind at rest and also >supply an introductory letter to others (I found nothing about what it is in >the letters I read) then I am sure that would be of benefit to us all.

Basically, Scientology purports to be a mental-health organization, but they go under many guises - personal therapy, anti-drug abuse, business management... They are all things to all people, depending on who they want to milk. Have you got asthma? We can cure it. Nearsighted? You can see without glasses, just come on in.

On the streets of the US, you will often find people coming up and asking if you want to take a free personality test. These tests will invariably reveal that there is some area of your personality that could benefit by dianetic therapy. Therapy, called auditing, usually involves confronting incidents in your life while watching the swings on the needle on the e-meter. The idea is that there are incidents in your past that are imprinted in your "reactive mind" that cause you to behave illogically and irrationally at times when these incidents ("engrams") are triggered. Say you get run over by a car and a dog is barking. Whenever you hear a dog barking, your reactive mind associates it with the sensations you felt while lying under the car. Your body reacts with fear responses. You are now impaired in some way. These are ideas borrowed from abreactive therapy, incidentally. So, in order to become a better person, you need to erase all these engrams. Then you are known as "clear." The claims put forth in Dianetics as to the powers a "clear" possesses are truly amazing, by the way, and none of them have ever been demonstrated.

So, there are LOTS of courses involved in Scientology. Once you've been "cleared" you can do the Operating Thetan (OT) levels and have total control of your life and the things around you. I read a letter in a Scientology magazine from a guy who says he reached out with his mind and prevented a car crash by swerving one of the vehicles involved!

Of course, none of this wonderful knowledge is cheap. The e-meter is $4000, to start, and it can be built from Radio Shack parts for probably $10. Nice markup. The OT courses start at $8000 and progress from there. Devoted scientologists are convinced that it's worth the money, though.

That's just to start. I'm sure the scientologists will take issue with all the points in this article while not offering any counter-evidence.

If you're interested, try reading Hubbard's _Dianetics_ and Jon Atack's _A Piece Of Blue Sky_. Just so you can see both sides of the issue, of course.

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