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No one yet knows why goehring@mentor.cc.purdue.edu said: >You probably don't realize it, having been so thoroughly isolated from >the public by the Church, but the general public impression of >Scientology is that it is a bunch of crazy crackpots who believe in a >story which borders on the ludicrous and could well be sold as a cheap >sci-fi thriller (in fact, LRH once made a movie which had strong >similiarities to the events put forth in the OT3 materials, although >he never released it; it wasn't good enough for him).

According to the Jon Atack book, the movie was NOT made - the script was written, but it would have required a serious committment, with ILM-caliber effects and they weren't about to get that from their starving, overworked volunteer crew.

>Very few people >outside the Church take Scientology seriously.

I take them VERY seriously. They scare the willies out of me, actually. The more I read about them, the more they scare me.

Incidentally, for those still with me - this month's SPY Magazine (pregnant Bruce Willis on cover) has an article on the Feshbach brothers, a bunch of stock short-sellers who are devout scientologists. Highly recommended.

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