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In article <1991Sep2.001258.27664@cco.caltech.edu> rmm@baldwin.ipac.caltech.edu (Mike Melnyk) writes: > (background to the questions deleted ...) >My questions to all follow: > >(1) Have the Scientologists mounted a campaign against Prozac?

First the disclaimer - I'm not as informed on this as I should be to give a good answer. Hopefully, someone else can. If that does not happen, let me know and I will try to gather more data.

Yes, there is a campaign against Prozac, by, I think, CCHR, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a Church sponsored organization. There are also campaigns against other psychiatric abuses, as well.

>(2) If so, why?

Keep in mind that Scientology is basically anti-drug as a foundation. As I recall, there were enough (sorry, I don't know the numbers) reports of induced anxiety, stress, suicidal tendencies, sleeplessness, etc. to cause investigation by CCHR. As a result of that investigation they are trying to get its widespread usage stopped.

Following from the Dianetic theory that depression could be caused by the effects of the reactive mind and that the short term resolution of these effects is relatively easy to do and in the long range can be eliminated, it would be less harmful for the individual concerned if he did not have the rest of the reactive mind brought into play by hostile drugs.

>(3) What is the church's opinion on modern psychiatric methods?

What is a modern psychiatric method ?

Setting that question aside, there is objection to drug and shock therapy as they are physically harmful to the body, which the spiritual being needs in good condition for his optimum survival. Along with that would go objection to surgical and electrical practices. Included is hypnosis, whose relationship with the reactive mind is pretty well covered in the Dianetics book and a few other references from the early=201950's. An objection could be made, from the framework of Scientology, that they don't know what they are doing, and they have the bad results to prove it. Regardless of that framework however, there is a noticeable lack of progress or gain for man and society from their activities.

So, Mike, let me know if I can be of assistance. You could get the phone number for the Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology from LA information and call them and find out where to get the Prozac information. Its probably free.


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