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In article <1991Sep08.210452.2484437@locus.com> eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes: > > FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Rev. 9/08/91 > SCIENTOLOGY & DIANETICS > PART 2 > > >See the first FAQ for the following: >1) What is Scientology ?

Scientology is about some decrepit loser in a three piece suit standing by a folding table erected in some U-District storefront trying in a decrepitly desperate fashion to foist a glitzy paperback bound litany of psychotic ramblings on passers by.

>2) What is Dianetics ?

Dianetics is when the three-piece clad loser engages in a dynamic round of cursing and obscene gestures directed at those passersby who ignore the desparate loser while passing by. This is done in a manner to be conspicuous to the passerby, but not to any other potential converts.

>3) Why is Scientology called a religion ?

Because the desperate loser is subservient to some higher form of desperate loser, who had enough presence of mind to apply for tax exempt status for all the subservient desperate losers..

>4) Who is L. Ron Hubbard ? See 3) above. >5) What is the E-meter ? Got me. >6) Why doesn't the E-meter cost only $35 or less ? Must cost more. >7) What is Clear ? Mud >8) What is a Thetan ? Comes after some frat initiation rite. >-------------------------------------- >FAQ2 (this file) covers the following: >-------------------------------------- >9) How did Scientology start? (Or, why wasn't Dianetics good enough?) Somebody had some money, sometime. >10) What is the reactive mind ? >11) What is the analytical mind ? >12) What is the somatic mind ? >13) What is the body ? >14) What are the parts of man ? >15) How does Scientology work ? >16) Why is auditing so expensive ? I give up, do you?

Dont give your money to anyone else but me. I will come up with the answers, trust me.

:jimm >

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