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I would also like a list of references to books written by scientology survivors, skeptical researchers, etc.

what sort of books are you interested in? hubbard's son wrote one book along with bent corydon... there's also a book out by jon atack. the former is a bit slanted. it's more of an attack on the people than on their actions. i've been told that atack's book is very good. cooper's book is only so-so. some of her information is incorrect, which i found disappointing.

I don't think useful debate between the two sides is possible, it's like arguing with a missionary: no fun, no challenge, and no effect.

no. it's hard to have any sort of debate with a scientologist. the one's i've talked to only spout off the church's standard line, and don't think about what they are saying.

this group may end up reaching the people on the edge.. pushing them one way or the other. those who aren't on the edge are likely to have a very strong opinion.

i'd be happy if something i said kept one person from ending up in some of the situations i've been in...

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