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from a postcard received by a friend. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHILE THEY LAST... SALE ON MARK SUPER VII E-METERS FROM AOLA! AOLA is offering a 'special sale' on the following colors of Mark Super VII E-Meters. While quan- tities last, these custom colored Mark Super VII E-Meters are offered to students and trained auditors for only $2,450, a special 35% discount: Mocha Russet Dusty Rose Sandstone Chestnut Iced Mint When supplies run out, these colors will no longer be available. Take advantage of this spe- cual offer and buy yours from AOLA 'now'! These special E-Meters are very limited, so you don't have time to waste! Contact the AOLA Book- store 'now' at (213) 665-5901. 'Call now'.

ONLY $2,450 FROM AOLA WHILE QUANTITIES LAST! BUY NOW! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- on the cover is what i assume is an e-meter. it looks a little like a bathroom scale, except there'e no room for your feet. there's an anolog meter on the right, three digital displays and nine buttons and levers of various sizes. buy yours today...


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