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>I heard from a friend (note: NOT FOAF!) that they buy huge quantities >of their own L.R.H. books from retailers and RESELL them (through >their publisher) back to the bookstores where they come from, thus >drastically increasing the sales stats (at a small cost, no doubt >absorbed by selling a few more deluxe editions of the E-meter). Is >that possible (i.e. legal)? If so, it MUST be true...

This is legal, although rather unethical. It is also collaborated by several of the books I have read on Scientology (I know Atack's book mentions this). Employees at B. Dalton's and Waldenbooks have reported receiving copies of various LRH publications from Bridge Publications (Scientology's publishing house) with their own price stickers already on the books. It has also been reported that employees of these bookstores have been asked if they are one of the stores being used to compile the bestseller's list; the release of such information is protected by contract. Scientology defectors have reported having been ordered to go and buy anywhere from two to several dozen copies of Dianetics or other LRH publications, in some cases using only cash, and to return the copies purchased to their Orgs.

Of course, all of this is "hearsay"; I have no proof whatsoever. I do, however, believe it. -- It's because you...piss...me...off. -- Russ Smith, in rec.games.mud, said to Bruce Woodcock

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