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In article <rdippold.685109851@maui> rdippold@maui.qualcomm.com (Ron Dippold) writes: >nyet@cco.caltech.edu (n liu) writes: >>kudwarf@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes: >>I heard from a friend (note: NOT FOAF!) that they buy huge quantities of >>their own L.R.H. books from retailers and RESELL them (through their publisher) >>back to the bookstores where they come from, thus drastically increasing the >>sales stats (at a small cost, no doubt absorbed by selling a few more deluxe >>editions of the E-meter). Is that possible (i.e. legal)? If so, it MUST be >>true... > >True. A friend who worked at B. Dalton said they used to get >Dianetics books in to sell with the B. Dalton stickers still on them. >-- >Standard disclaimer applies, you legalistic hacks. | Ron Dippold

I think this is due to the fact that B.Dalton and other bookstores habitually redistribute stock. That is they take stock from a store that is not selling them well and send them to one that is. When I worked for a B.Dalton store we often would receive stock from other stores already priced.

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