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In article <35994@usc.edu> lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu (Leny Freeman) writes: >>>True. A friend who worked at B. Dalton said they used to get >>>Dianetics books in to sell with the B. Dalton stickers still on them. >>I think this is due to the fact that B.Dalton and other bookstores >>habitually redistribute stock. >Good point. Now an important question is where was the packing list >from? Bridge publications or another B. Dalton? I am a scientologist >who wants to know and I'm not afraid of the truth.

Since no one else has answered:

These are good ideas, and it probably speaks well of you that you can imagine innocent explanations.

However, I've heard this story too consistently, from too many sources, to believe that it was innocent. Remember, it wasn't just one store, and it *was* only one publisher. Several journalists (not just at Time) have reported on this.

It seems inescapable that Bridge Publications did in fact do this. On the other hand, it's not illegal, merely unethical, and in fact similar things have occurred before. (Specifically, the record industry has had minor scandals of this sort.) -- Don D.C.Lindsay Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute

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