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In <1991Sep18.185008.29969@cco.caltech.edu> rmm@baldwin.ipac.caltech.edu (Mike Melnyk) writes:

>Does anybody know the title of the book about Scientology by >LRH's son? And what's his name?

>Thanks for the info.

>P.S. Good news: Books by LRH are hard to come by in Pasadena. > Bad news: ...unless you go to the COS office on Colorado Blvd.

The name of the book is "L Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?" It's more about Hubbard and his "dark side" than an analysis of Scientology. I regret that <i can't recall what name he goes by. The book has two co-authors, Hubbard , jr., and Kent Corydon(sp?) I hope the title helped you some. >------------------------------------------------------------------------- >Mike Melnyk rmm@ipac.caltech.edu >Infrared Processing and Analysis Center >JPL/Caltech

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