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>I've read the book, and frankly, it sucks. Poorly written, poorly >organized, all in all a botch of a job.

Agreed. _L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman_ was mostly Bent Corydon venting his personal frustrations upon the Church, and L. Ron Jr. trying to get even with his father. While some of the material is interesting, the presentation is poor and the viewpoint slanted.

>Better to read "Bare Faced Messiah" by Russell Miller, or "A Piece of >Blue Sky" by Jon Atack.

I haven't read _Bare Faced Messiah_, but Atack's book was excellent. I highly recommend it. -- Just because the law is irrational doesn't mean they can't put you in jail for violating it. -- Henry Spencer (henry@zoo.toronto.edu)

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