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Subject: Re: IRS Court Case
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In article <1991Oct12.192357.55462@cs.cmu.edu>, lindsay+@cs.cmu.edu (Donald Lindsay) writes: > Found in the magazine "Locus": > > "In the latest round of an ongoing battle, the Church of Scientology > filed a $120 million federal lawsuit against IRS officials, charging > them with illegal acts against Scientology and its members, as part > of a 33-year pattern of harrassment. The suit alleges that Los > Angeles IRS agents planned to plant forged documents in Scientology > files, and to deny a number of their churches tax exemption, with a > view to the "ultimate disintegration" of Scientology. IRS officials > named in the suit include agents investigating scientology founder L. > Ron. Hubbard for criminal tax evasion, a probe that ended with > Hubbard's death in 1986. The suit allegedly draws upon documents > obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and testimony from IRS > officials."

Oh Gosh! The U.S.A.'s two most powerful and rich organizations pitted head to head in a direct conflict! If the IRS wins, things go on as before. But if the IRS loses, aside of the fact that your tax dollars will go to support Scientology, I can only see doom for whatever shred of fair government exists to combat the "cult of the rich". For once in your life, hope that the IRS wins a lawsuit, cause the consequences if it loses are too horrible to imagine (besides the fact that your tax dollars will support Scientology, against your wishes!).

> -- > Don D.C.Lindsay Carnegie Mellon Computer Science


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