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Subject: Re: IRS Court Case
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kudwarf@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes: > >The U.S.A.'s two most powerful and rich organizations pitted head to head >in a direct conflict! If the IRS wins, things go on as before. But if the >IRS loses, aside of the fact that your tax dollars will go to support >Scientology, I can only see doom for whatever shred of fair government >exists to combat the "cult of the rich". > >For once in your life, hope that the IRS wins a lawsuit, cause the >consequences if it loses are too horrible to imagine (besides the fact that >your tax dollars will support Scientology, against your wishes!).

I don't understand how "our tax dollars will go to support Scientology". Are they going to get grants, like Robert Maplethorp did?

I think you just mean that they won't get shaken down by the IRS, like you and I do. If that's what you mean, then your posting is motivated by envy, rather than reason.

Someone not getting shaken down by the IRS !=3D "our tax dollars going to support" that someone. Along the same lines, someone else being able to walk through a park without being robbed, does not mean that you (who does often get robbed) are less safe, and will have more taken from you because of the first party's safety.

Only by the logic of envy are you elevated when someone else is hurt.

Jim Del Vecchio

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