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Subject: Scientology Bashing
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Date: 22 Oct 91 16:56:59 GMT
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Dear Scientology Bashers,

It seems we have a situation where people are making assumptions about the validity of scientology where they have little or no experience. This seems to be a common trait among those who have stopped learning new things and wish to just lazily live off of generalized experiences. Experience things before 'bashing' them otherwise one is saying something other than 'I want to inform or understand' they display obvious other motives. Another observation is that people seem to have a jeoulousy attitude about those who are successful financially even working well within the system because they want to justify why they haven't made the sacrifices that others have made to get where they are; like learning about the tax system, how to invest, and money planning. This is not specifically about Scientologly but about the use of any major organization which tries to help and is used as a scapegoat for our self imposed inadequacies. This is a continuation of the what I term as the 'Patriarcal attitude' of modern civilization which believes everthing that is written by the government and other organizations or maybe shall we say everything in a selective fashion, that is, anything that might back an attack on a financially successful individual or helpful organization. People will resort to extreme measures to defend themselves and their behaviors. This is not to defend Scientology as it needs no defense. To believe Scientology is effective is my choice and I don't need to validate my choices except to myself. I don't do this by trying to convince anyone that it works this is not my purpose. Suggesting ways in which we can improve our survivability that is a better definition of my purpose. This is not accomplished by ignoring puposes and results. By using the bartender as a medium for solving problems as one netuser suggested is this not just an excuse to go drinking? Does drinking alcoholic beverages improve our suvivability? (I'm not referring to low consumption but I am referring to as little as what is termed as moderate consumption.) Are environmental groups taxed? Are anti abortion groups taxed? Are pro abortion groups taxed? People who organize to present peaceful solutions to problems of survival should they be taxed? Maybe questions of this nature could be resolved by voting but the definition of what is a church or religious group is at stake and the good that most of these organizations do is possibly at risk if we begin by disallowing for religious freedom. It's time to stop using destructive and defensive motives for bashing. Scientology for me is one way to learn better ways to see reality and reduce the need to use destructive motives where they are not valuable. The survivability of us all depends on us all but also depends on us individually. Don't show me what is wrong with things but show me real solutions. Don't just bash Scientology for lack of comprehension and knowledge or because of presumed knowledge.

Note: This is in reply to the Hah Hah Hah statements from IRS investigates Scientology notes. Fear. The ugliest four letter word in the english language.

Dave T.

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