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In article <JLd_YFB@engin.umich.edu> davidb@caen.engin.umich.edu (David Bonnell) writes: >In article <638@uucs1.UUCP>, gaf@uucs1.UUCP (gaf) writes: >> Thanks to the original poster for providing us with these definitions. >> Now we know what we're dealing with. >> >>>"SCIENTOLOGY addresses the thetan (spirit). Scientology is used to increase >>>spiritual freedom, intelligence, ability, and produce immortality. >> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ >> >>>It is the science of how to change conditions. It is the only thing which can >>>salvage you from sickness and eventual death. >> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ >> >> Promises of immortality? Sheesh, how gullible can someone be? >> > >When you say we who exactly are you referring to? The people on this planet >who cannot help perhaps? I hate to invalidate you but you have no clue who >or what you are dealing with. What if Scientology did produce immortality >and you rebuffed it as being absurd? You are a spirit. Yes, you do drop a body >every century or so, but you live forever. I personally have remembered past >lives and so have many of the people I know that are Scientologists. I >remember the first time I read the same thing. I had exactly the same reaction. > > BUY AND READ DIANETICS NOW - may you never be the same >

Don't expect this to show what I actually believe. One of the few things that annoys me deeply and truly is anyone with the hubris to think that they know the absolute, utter truth about ANYTHING. Religion more than most things. How do YOU know I am not one of the fortunate minority that does it right the first time, and gets to stay dead? Dianetics itself might work; I haven't seen enough evidence in favor of it to be worth investigating. What I evidence I have heard is that the teachings of Dianetics have fallen into the hands of one of the world's most power and money hungry groups in history, showing all signs of being even worse than the RC's at their worst. As such, I feel that WHATEVER is said worthwhile in Dianetics should be stolen immediately (or as soon as copyright laws allow) by someone else, and repackaged along with anything else worthwhile, and redistributed sans the apparently corrupt heirarchy of L. Ron Hubbard's little church. I am not particularly bothered that they are trying to get suckers money, even by dubiously legal means. What bothers me is the way they scream when someone acts against them, and slaps them on the wrist when they bend the laws. I strongly suggest that anyone with a sincere interest in the subject take the time to look up the book in the LIBRARY. This way as little money as possible gets to this group as possible.

Religions, like governments, should be kept as starved, small, and inoffensive as possible.


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