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>In article <638@uucs1.UUCP>, gaf@uucs1.UUCP (gaf) writes: >> >> Promises of immortality? Sheesh, how gullible can someone be? >> > >When you say we who exactly are you referring to? The people on this planet >who cannot help perhaps? I hate to invalidate you but you have no clue who >or what you are dealing with. What if Scientology did produce immortality >and you rebuffed it as being absurd? You are a spirit. Yes, you do drop a body >every century or so, but you live forever. I personally have remembered past >lives and so have many of the people I know that are Scientologists. I >remember the first time I read the same thing. I had exactly the same reaction. > > BUY AND READ DIANETICS NOW - may you never be the same

Hey thats great! How much did it cost you to have someone wave an ohm meter in front of your body to help you remember these past lives and scare away the ghosts? (Who ya gonna call???)

As for buying Dianetics, I thought the only people who did that were existing members (to keep it on the best seller list...) I seem to remember reading something in Time about bookstores finding pricetags already on the books...

Of course if you could offer a little proof to your claims of immortality or us being spirits- I'd love to hear about it,as I'm sure the folks on sci.skeptic would...

Sorry, but I think I'll stick to forms of religion that don't offer services at exponentially growing prices... Athiesm works for me...

Brad Lowe brad@cscihp.ecst.csuchico.edu [yamma yamma yamma]

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