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What Diagreement?

* Sometimes we feel we need some help and it seems scientology is expensive but at least it's up front. Look at psycology to get psychiatric help you get session after session for years at $50 here and $50 there and you get blead to death. I feel that for the most part Dianetics is good and that most people, though they don't admit this, overlook the shortcommings to in search of the benifits. No organization that I can think of is above reproach and this is one of the paradoxes of life, hipocracy is a fact it's just that we all overlook the shortcommings when our needs are suited or when we feel value can be had.

This is not scientology tech that I'm familiar with and maybe as my certainty level increases I will find that what I know is what I know. When considering to embark on a quest of this nature one has already made the commitment by openning the door and thinking what is there. Once in search of truth one is doomed to search until they find satisfactory answers for me scientology is quite complete (though I have not a great deal of experience or knowledge). I do find though there is a complete well written answer to any question I have and I've studied Eastern, Western and Christian thought. Remember though your choice of relationship with the suppreme being is yours as all choices are yours, but a following of scientology does not limit you to there interpretation only the improved capacity to reason a choice in the present without interference from past experiences but use of those experiences as real time data in the choice. How many times have you asked yourself "why did I do 'such and such'"?

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