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davidb@caen.engin.umich.edu (David Bonnell) writes: >> Promises of immortality? Sheesh, how gullible can someone be?

>When you say we who exactly are you referring to? The people on this planet >who cannot help perhaps? I hate to invalidate you but you have no clue who >or what you are dealing with. What if Scientology did produce immortality >and you rebuffed it as being absurd? You are a spirit. Yes, you do drop a

I have yet to see a clear who was able to do any of the special abilities claimed for them. I recall where L. Ron tried to show one off and she failed miserably (he later claimed that some word spoken to her had regressed her back to her childhood). They can't even prove the testable claims, I have serious doubts about one that can't even be tested. All being a clear (or even a high OT) seems to prove is a high earning potential.

Better not let anyone know you read this, or you may be out the cash for an audit to repair the damage. -- To iterate is human; to recurse, divine.

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