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In article <1991Nov7.191329.6930@cco.caltech.edu>, rmm@baldwin.ipac.caltech.edu (Mike Melnyk) writes: > > In article <JLd_YFB@engin.umich.edu> davidb@caen.engin.umich.edu (David Bonnell) writes: > > > >When you say we who exactly are you referring to? The people on this planet > >who cannot help perhaps? I hate to invalidate you but you have no clue who > >or what you are dealing with. What if Scientology did produce immortality > >and you rebuffed it as being absurd? You are a spirit. Yes, you do drop a body > >every century or so, but you live forever. I personally have remembered past > >lives and so have many of the people I know that are Scientologists. I > >remember the first time I read the same thing. I had exactly the same reaction. > > > > BUY AND READ DIANETICS NOW - may you never be the same > > > Warning: the Surgeon General has determined that the preceding may be > hazardous to your health. > > > n.b. I remember the first time I recalled one of my past lives. While > watching an episode of "Gilligan's Island", I remembered a previous > incarnation as a snake oil salesman in Arizona. Funny how very few > people who have been regressed ever remember lives in which they > were wicked people. I guess I must be lucky.

Interesting observation. I have noticed that in most cases people's earlier lifes have been as noblemen, knights, leaders of a community, or in general persons of high standing. However history shows us that 99% of the population were digging for potatoes in Europe :-).


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