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In article <_3f_Jf-@engin.umich.edu> davidb@caen.engin.umich.edu (David Bonnell) writes: >In article <1991Nov9.033839.18528@usl.edu>, das9674@usl.edu (Stephenson Daniel A) writes: >> Well, I did read the 'you suck' beginning section of Dianetics. It came off >> to me as a quack's ramblings. None of this psycho-analytical drivel makes any >> sense. Just because some guy says <such and such> about how he thinks people >> think, does mean it is truth. Don't be so gullible. > >What exactly is the 'you suck' beginning? I think I missed that part. If >you are having trouble understanding be sure you are passing by no words >that are misunderstood. Look up ALL words you are unsure of. That's why >most of the hard to understand words are defined on the bottom of each page. That is the first chapter where Hubbard explain how the Everyman is a louse, how he is compelled by incomplete drives, how is nowhere near okay-ness (read:you suck and *need* diaetics), how he _automatically_ assumes you are such an idiot that you need every other `hard to understand` word to be marked with a &!#*!# asterisk!

>> >> Why not respond to this instances which I originally noted in my first >> article? They made to bulk of it. They sure don't shine well on the 'science' >> in Scientology, if you know what I mean,.... >> >> -Dan > >If you are really interested in the way energy flows work in the body and >mind there are books that I can give you reference on. Of course I am not going >to just tell you because that violates "the telephone rule". Oh, great, just wonderful. As I have said, all this is bullshit. I do not need references to UFO sitings, to Psychic Powers, to astrology, to wheat circles, and CERTAINLY not on the `mass equals energy and *thought* is energy so thought MUST have mass and the E-Meter measures the MASS of your thoughts, ans _negative_ thought `mass more` than _positive_ thought` theme in so-called 'scientology`. PLEASE don't tell me! I wouldn't want you to tell me for free,... Face it, there is no redemption in claims that scientology is scientific. You can ohh-ahh yourself with it, but _don't_ say it is scientific. What in the hell *is* the 'telephone rule'?! Oh, if you DO respond to this post, please , PLEASE respond to the quackery I have exampled. You've not done this twice now. Oh, and while you are at, try to explain who this 'Xemu` geek is, ok??

-A not-so humble freethinker-

-Dan .

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