Sat 15 Aug 98 6:40
Steph Parker
Gullible fools

Hello All!

I've just heard an item on the radio (5AN, the local Australian Broadcasting Corporation station) about a government agency whose job it is to keep businesses honest (I forget which one exactly) who have been putting adverts in the paper for phoney investment opportunities (e.g. geep (a goat cross-bred with a sheep) breading, blowey (blow flys, a large breed of Australian fly that likes to lay its eggs in living flesh) farms, land and air-space packages above Sydney).

At the bottom of these adverts there is a warning that they are not real.

This campaign was started on April Fool's Day and they received 700 calls that day with one guy who asked to be put into contact with the people involved as he still wanted to invest after they had explained to him that it was a government department and that the scheme was a scam.

And some people wonder where looney religions get their converts from.



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