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Subject: Deposing Moxon: (Was Re: !!wgert-Posted Document came from Moxon & Kobrin Offices)
From: Baba ROM DOS Baba_ROM_DOS@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 12:32:37 +0200

Given the libelous and fraudulent (the "supernews administrator" scam) activity of the wgert account, and the chain of evidence behind the scenario below, it it unreasonable for Grady Ward or someone else with standing to depose Moxon and Richardson as to the identity or identities of wgert, and his/her/its relationship to Moxon/CST?

Anonymous wrote:

So here's what REALLY happened, wgert/Moxon/CST:

And here we are, with the whole thing now fully exposed.

The short story: wgert/Moxon/CST are PROVEN LIARS, and PROVEN to be connected, along with their pet rock, Richardson. They tried to play everybody in a.r.s. for a fool, and stupidly told a lie to cover up the wgert/Moxon/CST connection, and got caught red-handed!

Liars, all!


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