Scientology Crime Syndicate

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Why is the Church of Scientology afraid of free speech?

Won't President Heber Jentzsch have his day in court in June? The prosecutor is only asking for 30 years in prison after all. That's nothing to a billion-year Sea Ogre, right?


The leaders of the Church of the Cienciología will be judged in Madrid by 12 crimes

The public prosecutor requests 30 years of jail for the world-wide leader of the sect, Heber Jentzsch

JOSE ANTONIO HERNANDEZ, Madrid the Church of the Cienciología will be put under in a opinion for the first time in Spain. From the 1 of June and to September, the Hearing of Madrid will judge by 12 crimes to 18 leaders and followers of the organization, among them its world-wide leader, the North American Heber Jentzsch. This one faces a fiscal request of 30 years of prison by diverse crimes. The Cienciología was dissolved in Greece and defendant of " practices of espionage " in Germany. Their handlings in Spain were in the open in 1988, after one and spectacular police cast that ended 37 lengthy ones. The Church of the Cienciología settled down in Spain in 1968 to expand the doctrine of its founder, Ronald Hubbard, and with the purpose of catching people with problems to put under them a vortex of expensive short courses (up to 50) with the promise to purify its spirits and to heal its evils. They were therapies that caused serious mental upheavals to the people catched in the networks of the organization, according to the public prosecutor.

BTW, it is spelled "Arcata," a little college town about 100 miles south of the Oregon border right on the California coast. People often confuse it with "Arcadia," a suburb of Pasadena, California way down in Los Angeles territory.

Click here for some additional truth about the Scientology crime syndicate: XENU.NET


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