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Beckstein accuses Scientology of using Secret Police (Stasi) Methods

From: "Yahoo Schlagzeilen" June 4, 1998, 14:11

"Involuntary Hypnosis possible" - Psychology used as weapon - Telephone terrorism against critics

Munich (AP) According to new information gathered by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, the Scientology organization terrorizes critics by using wartime psychology methods, as had been previously used by the former secret police (Stasi). Besides that, the sect uses hypnotic techniques with which people can be involuntarily, ideologically manipulated. On Thursday, Secretary of the Interior Gunther Beckstein told reporters in Munich that Scientology has created a secret service which uses "the dirtiest methods" of psychology as a weapon. The similarities to the battle psychology of the former East German State Security Service are overwhelming.

In addition, the CSU politician [Beckstein] reported on terroristic measures being taken against Scientology critics, primarily in the USA. It is feared that the former chief of Scientology Hamburg at the time was called to account in America, and had to count on being tormented or receiving her "marching orders to the prison camp." "There are grounds for concern," said Beckstein. A newspaper editor in Germany, of the "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung" also received serious threats after writing a report critical of Scientology. Beckstein reported of intimidation using telephone terrorism, murder threats, and the killing of house pets.

The measures taken by the state have met with great success, so that the organization has been more careful when it comes to committing punishable offenses in Germany. Nevertheless, Scientology still has the "goal of seizing power" and world domination. The system approves and orders punishable acts. According to what Beckstein says, there are "clear signs that the Scientology organization wants to do away with the democratic legal system entirely."

Doctor describes hypnotic techniques

The leading head physician of the Erlangen District Hospital, Gert Tauber, told about his experiences with Scientology victims. According to him, the sect has the potential of using hypnotic techniques even on critics against their will "to transform their perceptions.". The victim is placed in a condition in which they have full consciousness, but can be uncritically influenced. For instance, a person can be brought to feel no more sympathy. He is not familiar with any comparable perfected system of misuse in therapeutic psychology. The doctor also reported on deep psychological disturbances and "displacement depression" up to the point of nervous breakdown in former members.

The Bavarian Secretary of the Interior distributed two brochures which have information about the constitutional hostility and the system of the organization. Besides that, a victims advisory board will be established next month, where former members and their relatives can seek help.

Beckstein confirmed that a Scientology member was working in the Bavarian Ministry of Culture as a senior consultant. He is working in an area in which he could not be politically or ideologically active. A speaker for the Ministry of Culture stated that it was a mid-level official with 20 years of service, and that he "would never hurt a fly."

(From the editors: The brochures, "The Scientology System" and "Scientology - a constitutionally hostile effort" are available from the Ministry. On the internet, the brochures are available in full text [in German] at http://www.innenministerium.bayern.de/scientology.)

German Scientology News: http://cisar.org/trn0424.htm

Nots 34 (Note: the following url ends with .html. Add the 'l'.) http://home.sol.no/~spirous/CoS/archive/events/9805henson-case/nots34_anal.html

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