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Sherrif Wants out SSN

An unknown person says:

GM> Here is the letter from Deputy Patrick Dain of Ventura County, CA.
GM> neither buy or sell (Mark of the Beast as stated in the Book of
GM> Revelation of the Holy Bible.) I believe that the social
GM> security numbering system is the perfect system for accomplishing
GM> this.
GM> This nutcase has no business being in law enforcement.

Another unknown person says:>

AT> Why? Because he has religious beliefs? Or because he doesn't
AT> automatically bow to the almighty government master?

JANADA OAKLEY: jo> Thanks. I was thinking the same questions myself.

Fredric Rice:

There are a number of valid reasons why the insane should not be part of the law enforcement hired to maintain and enforce our laws. Not the least of which is the problems associated with the insane having immediate access to firearms and police records.

When people as uneducated and superstitious as Dain is talk about invisible aliens or Wonder Woman plotting to take over the world, they're quietly discharged as honorably as possible, being recognized as holding the potential for public harm. When they spout off popular superstitions, however, their insanity is unfortunately granted acceptance by those who are just as insane as he is.

The worse historic evidence that such nuts shouldn't be involved in any way with law enforcement is the last "Satanic Panic" which included the McMartin Preschool fiasco, the Northern California "Satanists" witch hunts, and the Florida witch hunts of which Janet Reno played a huge part.

These occult religious superstitions held by the law enforcement people who believed "Satanists" were trying to take over the world and were rapeing and eating babies (most of these fine Christians demand that there are at minimum 300,000 babies eaten by "Satanists" every year in the United States) caused irrepairable harm.

Janet Reno believes these SRA stories (and denies utterly all scientific evaluations proving FMS) and was utterly convinced that the Branch Davidians would be the first group of "Satanists" uncovered which would prove to the world her religious occult beliefs. She did related inhuman acts against innocent parents, teachers, and religious leaders in Florida before becoming AG.

When finding no evidence for any of her occult beliefs, she wasn't in the least bit discouraged, of course. "Satanists" are rather slipery having supernatural powers, you see.

(References available upon request.)

Lastly, we have a number of police detectives which travel the country feeding the ignorant population's fear of "Satanists" among their children. These nuts give lectures, promote freakishly disjointed religious books which advocate unevidenced claims and allegations (many of which are made against individuals who have been found to be entirely innocent (such as the McMartins)) and sow and sell fear and unhealthy uncritical hatred of non-Christians among the populace. (I dislike bringing up Nazi Germany but the brown shirts fomented exactly the same hatred and fear of non-Germans with particular interest to what they termed "the traditional enemy.")

It's not just a question of allowing the insane their delusions; it's allowing them to adversely impact the health and safety of the innocent populace which is at issue when nuts like Dain mouth off their rants. If they weren't in positions to do harm, they should be allowed to rant and scream about invisible demons and claptrap. Otherwise they should be relieved of duty and, depending upon the prognosis of their problems, treated or left untreated.)

* Origin: The Skeptic Tank (1:218/890)


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