By: Jack Sargeant
Re: Hunt for the alien ashtray

What would it take to convince skeptics that aliens are visiting us? (Or have visited us in the past.)

The answer depends on the individual skeptic. Some skeptics are so devoted to their anti-alien cause, as to be totally unconvincing. Do I want to label these extremists? ...No, because the name would be as insulting as the occasional use of the expression, "FTB" for "foaming true believer." ...A very insulting name for a believer who is adamant in his belief that aliens are either here, or have visited us in the past. There is evidence of such visits that are viable, but this "evidence" does not constitute proof, and is still nothing but curious speculation.

An example of said evidence is to be found in the form of drawings on cave walls which may or may not be authentic, and if authentic, may not depict the suggested event. ...Such as the famous drawing of an alien astronaut in his rocket ship. ...Or a humanoid wearing what appears to be a space suit, complete with bubble head-dress.

Some books have been debunked as being inaccurate to say the least.

Other evidence is in the form of UFO reports that have not been convincingly explained. There are thousands of these unexplainable reports in the offering.

Of some small value is the constant public interest in the subject, and the media exploitation in the form of sci-fi movies, documentaries depicting the unanswerable questions combined with even more questionable evidence.

The bottom line here is, the public seems to want to believe in aliens very, very much. This, in my opinion is demonstrative of a dissatisfied society, unhappy with the world situation, and having little faith in their government. ...Something that has always been there, and likely to never change. Do not confuse temporary patriotism during war years with faith in one's government. The difference is very noticeable. ...Especially from a civilian standpoint of view.

So, as long as we have this type of population interest in aliens, aliens who would bring to us cures for our diseases, technology that would make life easier for everyone, and any other benefits one could expect from a benevolent, advanced technological race of "visitors."

So, about that alien ashtray... Nothing convincing has been found in the 50 years since Roswell, and no promise is in the offering.

Keep the faith, all ye believers, the gods are still out there... ...Somewhere.



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