From: Jack P Sargeant
To: Helen Abadzi
Subject: Cleaning A House Of Negat
Date: 12-04-96 10:47

HA> If you can tell me how to clean energy from places
HA>whenever you have time, will appreciate it.

Before attempting to remove an aura of energy from your home, you must first asertain that the energy is indeed negative or malevolent.

Try inviting a preacher to your house for tea. If he senses the presense, ask him if it is positive or negative. You must not allow your own possible bad mood to trick you into thinking there is a negative presence nearby.

Allow other sensitive friends to visit and ask them how comfortable they feel in your home.

Try talking to your plants. Yes, I'm serious. ...And do your household plants appear healthy? ...And happy?

If you don't have plants in your home, get some. Nurture them, talk to them, and fondle them. The more plants you have and love, the more positive vibes there will be.

Also, observe the moods of your pets. Cats and dogs are far more sensitive to auras then are humans. If they steer away from particular areas in the house, this would indicate a bad presence. Likewise, an area they like to loiter in would indicate positive charges. Discount their sleeping in your favorite chair, as this is only natural, and only means they feel comfortable in the presense of your smell.

Bad signs... Your pets want outside too often; Your birds won't sing; Your fish are dying; Your light bulbs are burning out too fast; Your water tastes bad; Your husband is grouchier than usual (very bad sign).

Good signs... Your pets are frisky and playful; Your birds sing too much! ...Your window sill attracts other birds; Your plants are growing really fast. Your husband has stopped beating you (just kidding)

...Hope this helps,


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